I Pray released to Radio

. We’ve released “I Pray” to radio through Christian Radio Weekly. This will give the song the chance to be heard by as many as 3,000 radio & internet stations throughout the U.S. and across the world … and then, exponentially through the listening audience of each station. Cool! . First off – thank you! […]

I Pray released to Radio I Pray released to Radio

This is (in)courage …

. The (in)courage community chose my song “Surrounded by Your Love” for their newest video. I was delighted, honored and humbled (and a teensy bit excited – ok, A LOT excited – I may have squealed)! Here’s the video. This community of women, many of whom I’m proud to say I’ve met and connected with, […]

This is (in)courage … This is (in)courage …

Desire Does Not Expire

. I always wanted to be an artist – but singer was someone else’s dream. . I was a jock, then journalist and now a juice-slingin’ Mom of three. Sure, I sang – but with the radio and to my kids (easy crowd). . I searched for an activity to pour myself into. Not that […]

Desire Does Not Expire Desire Does Not Expire

Why I sing

. I sing now because I can no longer not. . Two years ago, the Holy Spirit moved in such a way that I began getting pelted with lyrics, melodies and opportunities to share songs. . At first, I held fear up like an umbrella to shield me from having to step out and embrace […]

Why I sing Why I sing

Surrounded by Scripture – Red Letter Words

If anyone needs to be surrounded by scripture, it’s me. . I need to be reminded, sometimes minute-by-minute what the TRUTH is. You see … I’ve been lied to. . I’ve been lied to by boyfriends, bosses, toxic “friends” and I’ve been lied to by the media. . Chances are, you have been to. . […]

Surrounded by Scripture – Red Letter Words Surrounded by Scripture – Red Letter Words
What I'm saying is . . .

I Pray released to Radio

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We’ve released “I Pray” to radio through Christian Radio Weekly. This will give the song the chance to be heard by as many as 3,000 radio & internet stations throughout the U.S. and across the world … and then, exponentially through the listening audience of each station. Cool!
First off – thank you! Your support has made this release possible for this indie artist. If radio stations like the song, they will commit to airing the single. We’re excited with each new person/area to hear “I Pray.”

The birth of “I Pray” truly was a divine moment, where we (Carl, Dan & I) sat in the studio and played around with melodies. As I listened to Dan on the guitar & Carl on the keys, I was overwhelmed with the sense that those notes, that melody, that progression of chords was meant for that moment. We stopped everything and wrote “I Pray.” The guys worked really hard to get that production done first, so I could start performing it live. We knew it would be powerful – not just the mood, but what the song stands for.

When I perform, it’s the one song people most often talk to me about. In the minutes I’m performing it, I feel the world turn off and it’s just me & God. That’s what I want people to realize about prayer – it’s an intimate exchange between The Creator and His creation.

During the song, I like to reference 1 John 5:14 “This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything that is according to His will, He hears us and if we know He hears us, whatever we ask, we have what we ask of Him.”
That’s an incredible feeling to know the God of the universe hears us when we call. And, it’s not just desperate cries for help, but our thanksgiving we lift up to Him also. 1 Thessalonians 5 reminds us to pray continually – good times and bad. He still hears and He always cares.
Yes, He knows what we need and even what we’re going to ask for, but He’s longing for that relationship – that moment where we know we’re not in control and we put our cares in the gracious, all-powerful hands of the One who is.
Would you please pray for these humble words to encourage others to come close to God? While I could ask you to tell everyone you know about the song, I’d rather you spend that moment sharing Jesus with them. If the song helps you do that, I’m grateful for your support.
Go use your gifts & be a blessing!
~ Mela

Thanks to these stations for committing to play I Pray!

  • DOMINICA, ZGBC – Voice of Life Radio
  • ENGLAND, Word Outreach Radio
  • JAPAN, Real Country Radio
  • NORWAY, Radio Sentrum
  • SAMOA, Showers of Blessings FM
  • CAYMAN ISLANDS, Big Fish 955


  • KNLB/KWFH/KSNH Lake Havasu City, AZ


  • KPTG – 101.5 Adelanto, CA
  • KGBA El Centro, CA


  • KGU-FM Honolulu, HI


  • BNNS Internet Radio Belvidere, IL


  • WFST Caribou, ME


  • WKGT-LP North Adams, MA
  • WLPV-LP 1079 Greenfield, MA


  • WFUR FM Grand Rapids, MI


  • KEDU-FM 102.3 Las Cruces, NM
  • KROZ Hobbs, NM


  • Jesus Jams Radio Manteo, NC


  • Bethle Radio Dayton, OH
  • PHN Radio Wintersville, OH
  • WXML Upper Sandusky, OH


  • WPGM-WBGM Williamsport, PA


  • KACS-KACW Chehalis-Olympia-Aberdeen-Packwood-South Bend, WA


  • Women of Substance Radio
  • EJNM.net
  • WAJP net Radio

Realistic Family Update – a poem

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Realistic Family Updatea poem by Mela Kamin

The boys have been fighting each day from their beds
and making this Mother want to up all her meds.
They tease and taunt and push all the right buttons.
They call each other names and throw hurtful punches.
Their sister’s hormones have taken over the house
shouting and whining and stomping about.
Teenage drama’s an unwelcome guest, as she
just rolls her eyes and sends another text.
Meanwhile, I’m yelling and worrying and getting all stressed.
Nobody will shower or clean up their mess.
I long for some peace, for respect and some quiet. Instead
I get grumbling, misbehavior and riots.
And, my hubby’s oblivious to the mayhem and dismay …
He comes in from work and says, “What did you do all day?”
I try to read my Bible and listen for the Spirit,
but with the noise of this world, how am I supposed to hear it?
My family’s a bit crazy … probably a little like yours.
You are tired and stressed and the kids won’t do chores.
They beg for the latest electronic gadget
and you wonder how to be sensible and still let them have it.
You eat together and you try to have devotions,
go to church, sing songs, say prayers, go through the motions.
And, just when you think you’re destined for last place,
God says, “I don’t need you to be perfect, I saved you by grace.”
So, when the situation’s rough and you want to hide yourself away,
remember God gives you strength to get through each day.
And, your kids might still fight, push those buttons one by one,
but God’s working on them too and He’s far from done.
Keep teaching them His Word and the power it has to save,
Be grateful for your family and for the blessings of each day.
{This was my realistic take on the good ole’ Christmas letter, which highlights the good & sometimes brags about a family’s accomplishments. Just keepin’ it real, folks.}

Double Digits

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My Si is 10 today.

He’s always been a joy. A very wiggly joy.

Sensitive, sweet and stubborn – OH yes.
He gives THE best hugs.
He’s Mr. Enthusiastic about well … everything (even ABBA).
He looks like me, but runs on the same battery life Greg does … always on, always running.
He’s my never-sits-still, round-off/back-handspring doing, snowboarding, Valleyfair thrill riding, wall climber, who makes Evil Knievel look mellow.

He makes every day full of life and sometimes visits to the ER.
He loves to sing and tell grand, highly-detailed stories.
He is a fierce competitor, loving baseball, backyard football, Skylanders on the Wii and Star Wars monopoly games.
My spirited, sensory-seeking superstar … a caught-in-the-middle guy who makes his own way, but still takes advice & hugs from Mom.

He’s my light-up-a-room, school-loving, piano-playing adventurer with a giant heart and smile to match.
Happy Birthday, Simon G. So blessed to be your Mom. We’re excited to see what God has planned for you this year! Love you!

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