Realistic Family Update – a poem

December 20, 2012, Posted by Mela at 9:57 AM


Realistic Family Updatea poem by Mela Kamin

The boys have been fighting each day from their beds
and making this Mother want to up all her meds.
They tease and taunt and push all the right buttons.
They call each other names and throw hurtful punches.
Their sister’s hormones have taken over the house
shouting and whining and stomping about.
Teenage drama’s an unwelcome guest, as she
just rolls her eyes and sends another text.
Meanwhile, I’m yelling and worrying and getting all stressed.
Nobody will shower or clean up their mess.
I long for some peace, for respect and some quiet. Instead
I get grumbling, misbehavior and riots.
And, my hubby’s oblivious to the mayhem and dismay …
He comes in from work and says, “What did you do all day?”
I try to read my Bible and listen for the Spirit,
but with the noise of this world, how am I supposed to hear it?
My family’s a bit crazy … probably a little like yours.
You are tired and stressed and the kids won’t do chores.
They beg for the latest electronic gadget
and you wonder how to be sensible and still let them have it.
You eat together and you try to have devotions,
go to church, sing songs, say prayers, go through the motions.
And, just when you think you’re destined for last place,
God says, “I don’t need you to be perfect, I saved you by grace.”
So, when the situation’s rough and you want to hide yourself away,
remember God gives you strength to get through each day.
And, your kids might still fight, push those buttons one by one,
but God’s working on them too and He’s far from done.
Keep teaching them His Word and the power it has to save,
Be grateful for your family and for the blessings of each day.
{This was my realistic take on the good ole’ Christmas letter, which highlights the good & sometimes brags about a family’s accomplishments. Just keepin’ it real, folks.}

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  1. Cathy says:

    Love this Mela!! You got it right.

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