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May 20, 2011, Posted by Mela at 12:15 AM

Don’t worry – I’m not about to rant or tell you I just. can’t. DO IT ANYMORE! If you’ve followed my story, you know I “quit” my proverbial day job by trading in the status quo & perceptions of what a stay-at-home Mom job looks like and struck out on an adventure to record my […]

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Mothers are a Gift

May 5, 2011, Posted by Mela at 11:35 AM

Being a Mom isn’t all sunshine & roses … it isn’t whine-free dinners and long, uninterrupted bubble baths … it isn’t (insert unrealistic fantasy here). . But, for all the things it ISN’T and no matter how hard it gets, motherhood is a tremendous gift. I consider it an honor to be a Mom (just […]

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This is (in)courage …

April 27, 2011, Posted by Mela at 8:36 AM

. The (in)courage community chose my song “Surrounded by Your Love” for their newest video. I was delighted, honored and humbled (and a teensy bit excited – ok, A LOT excited – I may have squealed)! Here’s the video. This community of women, many of whom I’m proud to say I’ve met and connected with, […]

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